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Working From Home

Posted Date: 04/02/2020

Working From Home

Working from home can be a challenge! Here are some tips from what the Gabbart
team has done to make the most of it:

1. As nice as breakfast-in-bed is, work-in-bed is not the same!
●Stick to your routine, wake up at your normal time and get your day started right
●Use your extra commute time in the morning for healthy activities like exercise,
meditation or a healthy breakfast.
●Take scheduled breaks

2. Good lighting is essential, lots of natural lighting is even better!
●Natural light helps productivity and creates a happier, healthy, and calmer atmosphere!
●Learn how to incorporate more natural light here.

3. If your at-home environment is distracting...
●Carve out a quiet area where conference calls and webinars can be conducted
and if you still need quiet but don’t conduct calls, noise-canceling headphones
are a great option!
●Sharpen your skills or gain focus while you work by listening to music or
audiobooks on headphones

Children’s Distance Learning:
1. Have a separate area in the house for their learning (if possible).
●Away from distractions (television, toys, etc.)
●Have a schedule

2. Stay Positive
●Take scheduled breaks
●Connect with other parents and family
●Remember, we will get through this!

We hope you found this helpful and we would love to hear your at-home work tips as well, we are all in this together!